April Tours to Morocco – Riads are Full

For those looking to travel in April, you might want to finalize your travel plans right away. Since April is one of the highest seasons of the year for Morocco tours, the riads can be fully booked. If looking at our tour planner is any indication, we know that tourism in April in Morocco is booked up.

Can I still book an April Tour?
If you are interested in booking one of our private tours for April, you are not too late. I am sure we can help you organize a tour for your group, however, we can not guarantee our first choice of riads and hotels. Because things are extremely full, we will need to offer you some alternative choices, but we know you will still enjoy your time. Our team is able to handle last minute bookings, but we do not recommend this as we like time to provide you a quality service.

What if the riads are full?
If the riads are full in Marrakech and Fes, we will then offer you an alternative hotel. Since the pricing of riads is higher than hotels, you might be able to upgrade to the next level hotel for the same riad tour price. There are also a large number of riads in Morocco, so hopefully we could even find an alternative for your April Tour.

What do I need to do next?
If you are really interested in an April Morocco Tour, you should either contact us using our online form or you could call us at the number listed above. Our sales representatives which live in Morocco and the US, will be able to serve you quickly and effectively.