What You Need To Know About Planning A Trip To Morocco

So Morocco has just crossed your radar as a travel destination that you really, really need to visit. You’ve seen all the incredible reviews, heard the fantastic stories from other travelers and drooled over the pictures of the appetizing food.

Is Morocco Safe in 2019?

With all the different events going on in the world today, an obvious thing to consider before you travel is the safety of the country you will be in. How safe is Morocco right now?

Shopping in Morocco – Perfect Souvenir Gift Ideas

Looking for gifts to bring home from Morocco? So you booked your Morocco tour and you’re heading off on your trip of a lifetime. Before you even land in Morocco, you are already thinking about the special people in your life and what you could possibly bring them back. You don’t want to forget anyone, yet you don’t have all of the luggage space or money in the world! So what do you do? Morocco has something for everyone! We …

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Morocco Travel Tip – Shopping for Berber Carpets

It’s one of those experiences that everyone has heard about – legendary in Morocco. Shopping for a Berber carpet. All the myths, tales, and stereotypes aside, seeing a carpet show can be a remarkably fascinating experience. Sit and drink mint tea or orange juice (whatever your preference) as people unfold carpet after carpet in front of your eyes. Red, orange, brown, with a multitude of different patterns and styles, each one sends you into a flurry of indecision because now …

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Your Guide To Moroccan Festivals

Are you planning a tour to Morocco and not sure when the best time to visit is? You may want to consider visiting during one of the key Moroccan festivals! If you’re looking for a unique experience, keep reading to see what festivals you shouldn’t miss.

9 Fantastic Spas in Morocco

Traveling to Morocco and looking for a little luxury? During your vacation, treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment. Find out about Moroccan traditional beauty treatments for yourself. Morocco’s spas are known for their relaxing Hammams, or traditional steam baths, as well as for their original and local blends of traditional and unique products. The Rhassoul mud, for example is only mined in Morocco, and is popular for its cleansing nature. Also native to the area is argan, …

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Top Outdoor Activities in Morocco

Morocco has gorgeous unique accommodations – but many travelers tell us that they would rather not spend all of their time inside. (Some LOVE resting and relaxing in the riads, and if that’s you, check out some of our suggestions for best spa experiences here.) Morocco’s warm climate throughout the year and variety of landscapes make it a great country in which to enjoy the outdoors! Here are our best suggestions for how to spend time outside in Morocco (other …

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6 Best Places for Photography in Morocco

Are you passionate about photography? Photos have the power to tell a story and preserve memories, in a different way than any other medium. Capturing a snapshot can transport you into another place and time. It’s no surprise that travelers and tourists have come to value photography as a priority as they make their way across the world! What you see and experience can be captured like never before. Seeing pictures of beautiful destinations is one of the top ways …

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3 Things To Know About Private Morocco Tours

When you are preparing to travel to a country like Morocco for your vacation, it’s important to know what you are buying from a tour company. One of the most asked questions from those who inquire about our tours is: is this a tour for “just us” or is it a small group tour? We’ll answer that question first, before we go any further into what the private tour experience is. Experience It Tours only offers private tours – we …

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Climbing in Morocco

Are you a rock climber interested in visiting Morocco? We sometimes get the question from rock climbers: are there any good places to climb in Morocco? The answer is, without a doubt, yes!