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The excitement of your personalized tour begins when you first start planning your trip, even before you land in the Casablanca airport. It will only start to feel real when you walk out of the airport and see your English speaking driver, your soon-to-be friend, smiling at you. The drivers are part of what makes Experience It Tours different…they are always said to be one of the best parts of the experience because they help you see the real Morocco.

Imagine yourself walking out of the airport and seeing palm trees and Moroccan flags…

Your driver will take you to your hotel. As soon as you feel settled, if time permits, your driver will take you to Hassan II, one of the largest mosques in the world. Loaded with religious and historical significance, it will awe you with its sheer size and incredible architecture.

You’ll be able to see the painstakingly designed interior during your guided tour. The mosque is right on the water, and it has glass flooring in one section so visitors and worshippers can see the beauty of the Atlantic below. Smell the salty ocean air as you step out again to take a picture of the exquisite minaret.


Imagine waking up in Morocco knowing that you will be experiencing the itinerary you’ve been tailoring for weeks…

Today you will be driving to Fes with a pause along the way to see the coastal city of Rabat. Enjoy a delicious Moroccan breakfast before you hit the road with your driver. Rabat is interesting because it is the capital of Morocco and the residence of Morocco’s king, King Mohammed VI. You’ll savor lunch in Rabat before moving on to the ancient city of Fes. These car rides are a perfect opportunity to relax, get to know your driver, ask him what he loves the most about Morocco or get his opinion on what you shouldn’t miss out on while in country.

The next city that you’ll visit is Fes. Fes is a personal favorite because it is packed with fascinating people, intriguing shops and exciting streets that are an adventure to navigate. Don’t forget to try the orange juice sold on the side of the road—no restrictions, this is your special trip!


This whole day is devoted to exploring the walled in city, or medina, of Fes! You’ll want to capture every single detail of these bustling streets in your memory so you can tell your friends and family about this experience of a lifetime.

Imagine seeing donkeys carrying Coca Cola into the old city, a shop with piles of vibrant spices, a storehouse heaped high with hand-woven carpets in every color and design possible, smelling the aroma of fresh baked bread…

You’ll get to touch the smooth blue and white pottery and pass by markets selling fresh fruit. You’ll hear the call to prayer, reminding the city to carry out their religious duties. This is a chance to see the real Fes. Your guide will be happy to offer information and explanation for the stops you’ll make…satisfying your traveler’s hunger for knowledge!

You probably won’t be that hungry (because the RIGHT way to travel is tasting every delicious roadside snack), but after winding your way deep enough into the medina, you’ll get to have lunch at one of the best restaurants around. Picture so many different types of salad that you can’t do justice to them, because you still need to save room for your main meal of a hot tagine or steamed couscous. You’ll go through baskets of fresh khobz, because it’s just THAT good. And imagine being so full that you almost can’t think about dessert—until you see that it is seasonal fresh fruit, delicious Moroccan cookies and sugary mint tea.

Some of the other stops you’ll make will be the tanneries (the smell will certainly be something to remember), the King’s Palace, and the potters. Finish off your day by returning to your hotel for a comfortable evening.


The Roman ruins of Volubilis are 2000 years old and well preserved so you only have to use a little imagination to get an idea of what it would be like to have lived in the Roman Empire. The structures as well as the knowledge of your guide will impress you and make this a stop worth visiting.

You are going to get a peek at what is considered one of the holiest cities in Morocco. This white and green town holds the tomb of Mulay Idris, who was a founder of Fes.

After lunch, your guide will take you on a bus tour of Meknes, an imperial city and UNESCO World Heritage site. Return to your hotel or riad for dinner and the rest of the evening.


After an early breakfast you will begin your ascent across the Middle Atlas Mountains. Most of the day will be spent winding your way through the beautiful forests, jagged rock faces, and Berber villages as you cross the Atlas Mountains and begin to descend into the Sahara Desert. You’ll be glad that you have your driver to tell you more about the landscapes you are passing through. You’ll get to hear his passion for his country. He’ll also help you make whatever stops you need, whether it’s showing you his favorite spot on the route for lunch or stopping to take your picture in front of the Atlas Mountains.

The air starts to feel drier as you make your way towards the Sahara.

Imagine the buildings fading into a dusty pink…in the distance you can catch a glimpse of the rolling dunes…


I’m sure you’ll be anticipating your four wheel drive this afternoon out across the barren land to the majestic Sahara sand dunes. You may have seen pictures of the Sahara, but its reality is overwhelming. There are dunes in every direction you look, stretching out as far as you can see with sharp shadows and soft ripples. Feel the soft sand beneath your toes in the cool morning, as you look over the sea of golden brown. As evening approaches, you’ll get to choose a camel to ride out to the Berber tents, where you have the option of staying the night.

Imagine going to sleep under more stars than you have ever seen in your life…


You can wake up and climb a tall dune to watch the sun rise in all its desert glory. Picture drinking orange juice and eating Moroccan bread out in the open before you get back on the camel for the journey back. You’ll switch from a camel to a 4×4 and journey back to Erfoud. From Erfoud, you’ll set out behind the High Atlas Mountains on route to the Todra Gorges. You’ll get the opportunity to take a walk in the towering (600 feet high) Todra Gorges. The massive walls of pink and grey rock will surround you on either side. The picturesque river valleys make for a beautiful journey towards the southeast of Morocco.

Here is an opportunity to see the rural side of Morocco after experiencing life in Morocco’s thriving cities. You’ll spend the night in the Gorges or Ouarzazate.


After an early breakfast you’ll set off to Marrakech via Ouarzazate. You will visit one of the jewels of Morocco – Kasbah Ait Benhaddou. This gathering of buildings exemplifies southern Moroccan architecture and offers a lot of history along with beautiful scenery. In typical Moroccan fashion, the true treasures must be searched out and discovered… usually off the beaten path.

After lunch, you will head over the mountains to Marrakech.

You’ll arrive in Marrakech, and see a city that is combining its ancient heritage with progression towards modern living. Marrakech alone is a great reason to visit Morocco! It has ranked consistently in TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Best Destinations, including being number 1 in 2015.

The Jma El Fna, the main square in Marrakech, is a piece of the city that you’ll have to see. Your friends will love hearing about the snake charmer you see there, the loud music coming from the square at night and the tasty dried fruit that you sampled at the stalls.

Imagine smelling roasted peanuts and feeling the bursts of energy around you from all the people that came out to participate in Marrakech’s night life…


As soon as you leave your riad for your guided tour of this southern pearl of Morocco, you’ll be back in the bustle of Moroccan city life. This city is filled with attractions, so it will really be up to you to decide what you want to experience.

One stop that is incredible is the Bahia Palace. Walk into the tiled courtyard and feel yourself being transported back to the 19th century. Enjoy the serenity of the surrounding gardens in the midst of the city.

Another must-see is the site of the Saadian tombs, where royalty from the Saadian dynasty are buried. You’ll be amazed as you peer into the intricately designed chambers that these tombs could have been forgotten about for so long…especially since these days they are one of the most well-known attractions in Marrakech.

Picture yourself relaxing with mint tea as you watch daily life in this charming city…


It’s hard to believe you will have experienced all of that in only 10 days. You’ll return to Casablanca, where you started this adventure in the beginning. Walk around a little bit! Shop for some souvenirs if you haven’t picked up enough already. You might need to weigh that suitcase again, because it will be bursting with small pieces of pottery, new Moroccan scarves and flavorful spices to try to replicate all the dishes you will soon be missing.

Enjoy every minute of your last day…


You will be transferred to the airport for departure. Say goodbye to your driver and the country that has certainly left an imprint on you.

As we say in Morocco, you are always welcome back to your second home.

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  • Professional Guides in Major Cities

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