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See for yourself why clients are calling our private Morocco tours a “trip of a lifetime”…


As you land in the airport in Casablanca, you’ll be full of anticipation for the coming two weeks of all-you-can-imagine adventure in Morocco. The full realization of your trip might only sink in when you see your welcoming driver waiting for you. The driver is part of what makes Experience It Tours different. They are always said to be one of the best parts of the experience because they help you see the real Morocco.

Imagine hearing the words “Welcome to Morocco” after weeks of tailoring your dream vacation…

He’ll take you to your hotel to get settled in.

If arrival time permits, you’ll then get to go see the Hassan II, one of the largest mosques in the world. The mosque will awe you with its size and incredible architecture.

From the outside, you’ll inhale the salty ocean air and be transfixed by the 210-meter exquisite minaret. The mosque sits over the Atlantic Ocean because King Hassan II considered God’s throne to be on the water. You’ll be able to see the meticulously designed interior during your guided tour. This is a building of which Casablanca can be proud, and you’ll be glad to have seen.


Imagine waking up for your first full day of your custom-designed journey to Morocco. You will leave Casablanca after breakfast towards Chefchaouen, the famous blue city in the Rif Mountains.

You will pause along the way to see the coastal city of Rabat. Rabat, an imperial city, is not as touristy as some other places you’ll visit, so you’ll get a small taste for local urban life with your stop there.

You’ll savor lunch in Rabat before moving on to Chefchaouen. These car rides are an ideal opportunity to relax, get to know your driver and ask him what he loves the most about Morocco. Ask him what you shouldn’t miss out on in Morocco!

Picture a city where almost everything is a cool shade of blue…

You’ll feel like you are underwater or walking through a different world! The vibrant icy-blue doors will have you taking out your camera to snap photos immediately. You’ll be happy to know that you have a full day in this magical place tomorrow.


You’ll devote the entire day to exploring this blue town tucked away in the mountains.

You’ll be able to wander through the enchanting streets and feast your eyes on the color all around you!

No matter what your level of experience with photography is, this town will be heaven for you! Our past photography clients have LOVED shooting pictures in this artsy setting.

Stop for delicious fresh bread, Chefchaouen fish tagine and hot mint tea as you tour this town. You’ll enjoy shopping in the small souks. Chefchaouen is especially well known for its leather goods. Hear about the fascinating history of this town from your guide or take a hike in the breezy mountains!


Because of its unique beauty, Chefchaouen is a hard town to leave. Fortunately, the next stops are just as interesting! After breakfast, you’ll head to Meknes. Along the way, you’ll stop at the ancient ruins of Volubillis.

Take a step back in time as you are guided through these 2,000-year-old Roman ruins…

Set in front of green hills, this once busy Roman town is now an incredible historical site that gives a glimpse into the past. Your guide will explain the significance of each building, making this stop the most engaging history lesson you’ve ever had.

You’ll then head to Meknes, an imperial city and UNESCO world heritage site. Stop for lunch there—ask your driver where his favorite stop is! We think lunch is always more delicious when it’s taken at a local stop.

From Meknes, you will drive to Fes. Fes is brimming with tradition and stories if you take the time to observe them. Don’t forget to try the spicy olives sold on the side of the road—be adventurous, this is your special trip!


You’ll spend the whole day exploring the spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco, Fes. You’ll want to memorize every single detail of the narrow medina streets so you can share this once in a lifetime experience with your friends and family!

A professional guide will lead you through the turning pathways of this medieval city and explain to you the importance of the places you will visit.

Imagine seeing shops bursting with slippers of every color, sparkling hammered golden plates, a wall of red and brown carpets…

Walk a little further and you’re sure to come across a dazzling mosaic fountain set in the middle of everyday happenings. Smell the fresh bread? Your guide might explain this…every neighborhood has a bakery and fountain.

Your guide will take you to the weavers, where you’ll watch them create beautiful cloth in front of your eyes. Pick out a scarf to wear to the Sahara Desert! Next stop is the tanneries. From a high roof, you’ll look out over numerous vats of dye and learn about the process of leather making.

After a morning of exploration, you’ll be ready to sit down for lunch at one of the best restaurants in the medina. You’ll continue to understand the obsession with Moroccan food as you eat a tasty main meal of tagine or couscous and finish off with some fresh seasonal fruit for desert.

Finish your tour in the afternoon, and then head back to relax at your hotel or riad.


You’ll begin making your way south with a long drive to Merzouga today. You’ll get to see a different side of Morocco today—after seeing Morocco’s thriving cities, the rural landscape will be a fun contrast. Drive through the beautiful Atlas Mountains and forests with cheeky monkeys. Have questions about what you’ve experienced so far? Ask your driver! He’ll be happy to give his insight.

About halfway through the journey, you will stop for lunch in the town of Midelt. You’ll be amazed when you look at the fossils that this town is famous for. Check out the incredible work that the artisans create with these fossils!

Imagine arriving to the dusty pink buildings of the “Gate of the Sahara.” Feel the dry heat and watch the land gradually change into desert…


You’ll want to use your morning to explore this small, but fascinating desert town. In the afternoon, you will get to cruise across the land to the Sahara sand dunes by four-wheel drive. At first the land will be flat and dusty, but then almost out of nowhere, tall dunes rise up in front of your eyes and fill the horizon.

The ripples in the sand will certainly make you think of water, even though there isn’t any to be seen. In the morning, the sand is cool enough to walk on barefoot, sand squishing through your toes.

Imagine swaying on a camel out into the Berber tents, watching your shadows distort with the curves of the dunes…

You have the option of staying the night out in the tents. Sip mint tea and listen to the lively music before falling asleep out under the stars…


Wake up out in the cool desert and take the camel trek back to your hotel. You’ll then get back on the 4×4 and head back to Erfoud. From there, your driver will take you behind the High Atlas Mountains past clusters of palm trees and Berber villages towards the Todra Gorges.

You will feel small as gigantic walls of grey and amber rock tower on either side of you…

Walk up the gorge and enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by such splendor. See how locals live their lives as you come across some shepherds or make your way towards a small town on your walk.

You will stay the night in Boumalne near the Gorges or Ouarzazate before you cross the High Atlas Mountains.


Today you will drive to Marrakech, a city that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Pause your journey to view Kasbah Ait Benhaddou, a massive red clay fortification. This group of buildings was named an UNESCO World Heritage site because of its stunning display of southern Moroccan architecture. You might feel as if you have stepped into a movie—a valid sentiment as Ouarzazate is considered the “film capital of Morocco” and has been used as a set for many movies.

Re-enter Moroccan city life as you drive into Marrakech and find yourself surrounded by action again. Make your way to the famous Djemaa el-Fna, one of the center attractions of Marrakech. Coming alive at night with the local storytellers, entertainers, and mouth-watering barbeque pits, the square is well worth a visit.

Imagine hearing the clanking brass of the water-seller adorned with colorful tassels…you smell spices as you wander through the stalls…

If you want a break from being caught up in the energy, a quiet cup of tea on the terrace of an adjacent café provides a spectacular aerial view of the bustling square.


A professional guide will take you through must-see attractions of Marrakech today to help you get the most out of your visit to this world-renowned city. See for yourself why people are calling it one of the top places to travel in the world…

You’ll be able to browse through the maze of souks in the medina. Try your hand at bargaining for that souvenir you wanted to bring home! You can find any treasure here—from authentic leather to hand-painted pottery to heavy silver jewelry.

Imagine exploring a palace of viziers and the forgotten burial places of a royal dynasty…

Among other interesting stops, you’ll get a tour of the Bahia Palace and Saadian tombs. The Bahia palace, an incredible work of architecture, has been restored from the damage done by servants upon the vizier’s death. The Saadian tombs, once overlooked for years, are now a popular site for visitors to view the ornate tombs of members of the Saadian dynasty.

After a long tour, you’ll be happy to unwind in your calm hotel or riad.


After breakfast, you will set off to the coastal city of Essaouira, a picturesque fishing town, lying on the southwest coast of Morocco. With an exquisite beach to the south, Essaouira has become one of Morocco’s most popular coastal towns. Many of the country’s wood carvers and artists make Essaouira their home, filling Essaouira with incredible art and culture.

There is a bit of a European feel to Essaouira, since it was designed by a Frenchman and has numerous other cultural influences.

You’ll see cheerful blue fishing boats packed together by the port…

Imagine hearing gulls screaming over the thriving fish markets…the waves are crashing on the beach and the old wall that surrounds the city.


Here’s a day to wander through Essaouira’s open medina, looking at the art and interesting souvenirs. The cobblestone paths are more open than the medina of Fes, making it a clear and relaxing atmosphere.

Whitewashed walls add to the fresh feeling; you’ll be happy that you are finishing up your adventure in Morocco with a slower pace.

You’ll get to walk up on the old fortified wall and see the old cannons as you look out over the oceans. Feel the strong wind on your face—Essaouira is well known for its coastal wind—perhaps inspiring you to give windsurfing a chance?

The small cafes are definitely worth a visit. Drink some strong Moroccan coffee or ask for a fresh pastry as you sit and enjoy your surroundings. After your snack, you’ll want to walk along the beach, feeling the soft sand.

If you want an authentic lunch experience, try a local fish restaurant where you’ll get piles of seafood and delicious Moroccan bread to savor out in the open air.


It’s hard to believe you will have experienced all of that in only 13 days. You’ll return to Casablanca, where you started this adventure in the beginning. Take this day to soak in the Moroccan atmosphere. Photograph even ordinary sights so that you can try to explain the charm of Morocco to your friends and family when you return.

Enjoy every minute of your last day…


You will be transferred to the airport for departure. Say goodbye to your driver and the country that has certainly left you with priceless memories.

We hope your journey has been delightful…you are always welcome back to your second home.

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