Top 9 Reasons People LOVE Traveling with Experience It

Since launching our tours to Morocco in 2001, we’ve served over 5,000 happy clients.

So why in the world did they choose our company over the other options?

Here are 9 reasons that they have shared with us…

1. Personal Driver – He’s more than a driver!

The personal driver that assists customers on tours is consistently mentioned as one of the highlights of the trip. This driver is the one that helps ensure that every little detail is taken care of—whether its looking for a specific souvenir or stopping at a favorite restaurant to show customers the best of Morocco. Luggage lost? Your driver will help make sure it is forwarded to the right place. Vegan or vegetarian? Your driver will ask about other food options for you. The personal, English speaking driver will make transitions in between cities fun, informational, and give you great insight into Moroccan culture. When you leave, you will be sure to remember your driver as a friend.



“Hassani our driver did a great job. I can’t say enough good things about him” – Brittney

“A special thanks to our most excellent driver, Gjamal Ghannam. He repeatedly went above and beyond the call of duty.” – Peter

“The personalized driver made things go very smoothly.” – Edward

“Our driver Driss who was with us 12 days was the key. Reliable, punctual and knowledgeable and professional.” – Ramona and Rick

2. Knowledgeable Staff in Morocco & USA

Our clients also value the quick responses and knowledge of our Experience It Tours team. Our team in Morocco and other parts of North Africa have real-life experience from many years of living in Morocco and serving customers. The team in the United States makes sure that contact with clients is fast and easy. The reason that our tours run smoothly is because the people that work with EIT love Morocco and are well acquainted with travel and life there.


“From planning the trip four months in advance until finishing it, I felt well supported all the time by the specialists at EIT!” – Joao

“…the staff at EIT were super helpful (thanks Ruth). She always had the answers to our questions.” – Don

“The staff working with me before we left were excellent, and arranged the tour we wanted in a pretty short time frame, while giving us all of the information we needed in advance to be truly prepared for the trip.”– Greenfields

3. Advised Accommodations – We’ve seen them all

Although it is the traveler that chooses which level they want to be accommodated at, clients have loved the hotels or riads that Experience It Tours suggests for them. The EIT team has visited these riads and hotels and knows what makes each one unique, making it possible for us to offer knowledgeable advice on which accommodations would be best for each traveler. Morocco is home to extremely beautiful riads, which clients always say is one of the best parts of their journey!


“One of the highlights were the riads we stayed in. They were all quite delightful and it was always great to see what was behind the wooden door on our arrival.” – Fran

“The accommodation sourced was excellent and thoughts of nights spent in Morocco will remain forever, particularly under the stars at the Sahara’s northern edge.” – Glenn

“The accommodations were excellent (and unique — we greatly enjoyed staying in traditional Moroccan riads — though there is a range of accommodation options depending on what others prefer).” – Greenfields

4. Authentic Experience of Morocco

We hear it often: customers love seeing the real Morocco. People who have traveled with Experience It Tours are usually the type of travelers who want to avoid tourist traps and see the country as authentically as can be seen from an outside perspective. The personal drivers help achieve this goal by taking travelers away from the crowded tourist areas (except when desired) to experience what we consider the best of Morocco. The fact that our tours are private also helps in this area because clients can be flexible and see what they want to see.


“I could highly recommend Experience it Tours, if looking for a real experience and not just a view from a tourist bus.” – Trudy

“We did and saw things no ‘big’ tour would have provided.” – Dennis

“I had been in Morocco on my own several times, but I understood more about Morocco history and culture after this trip.” – Martine

5. Excellent Value

There is certainly a price difference between private and group tours, but our travelers are quick to mention the high value that they are receiving by planning a private tour. Experience it Tours seeks to be as affordable as possible with the extraordinary level of service that we provide. Clients are happy with the price they pay for a trip with memories that last a lifetime!


“Cost wise, excellent value.” – Maggie

“…to the finance folks who helped us save money, everyone worked to make our dream come true.” – Wayne

“Our private customized tour was substantially less expensive than other tour companies group tours.” – Susan

6. Professional Service

From the beginning of our interactions with potential customers to the last day of their experience, clients are treated with professional service. Travelers enjoy the way their tours are well-organized. We often also hear customers note the professionalism of their guides and drivers throughout the whole journey. We highly prioritize giving clients the ability to trust us with every part of the tour process.


“We appreciate the organization and professionalism of the staff in the US and the local guide.” – Magdalena

“Reliable, punctual and knowledgeable and professional.” – Ramona and Rick

“Everything seamless from US contacts to how things were handled in Morocco.” – Robert

7. Ease of Planning

When customers hear our philosophy of “custom-design” your own private tour, a first thought is that it might be too complicated to plan a whole tour. However, our customers have found that it is quite easy to make the changes that they desire. Our team is happy to make the process of designing your ideal tour as uncomplicated as possible by suggesting different itineraries and offering our expertise at every step of the way. Worried that something might go wrong while you’re in the country? Our customers have loved our in-country availability and flexibility to deal with last minute adjustments if they are necessary.


“The folks at Experience It Tours! held our hands through the whole process and helped us choose our dream tour of Morocco.” – Wayne

“Experience it Tours took care of everything and made our trip carefree and fun!” – Brittney

“Arrangements for tour were made easily, flexibly and efficiently; professional yet friendly in every way.” – Bill

8. Personalized Itinerary

Want an extra night exploring Fes? Want to sleep under the stars in a Berber tent? These are all choices that our clients get to make. Each itinerary can have its own pace, making sure that you hit all the destinations you desire in the amount of time that you have. Travelers enjoy changing the itinerary to suit their preferences, whether it is amount of time spent relaxing or level of accommodations.


“I might mention that the Itinerary is totally up to the individual, you can be as busy or relaxed as you want, it’s your trip and you decide your own adventure.” – Trudy

“They worked with us from beginning to end to make this our most memorable trip ever. We kept changing our itinerary, they fit in everything we wanted to see and more.” – Diane

9. Safety

Safety is a crucial thing to consider in all travel. We find that our clients often mention in their reviews how safe they felt with their driver or during their trip as a whole. Safety is very important to us, because we want our customers to feel comfortable in the environment that they are visiting in order to enjoy themselves and have the best experience possible!


“We felt completely safe and comfortable in Morocco and we are still talking about the people we met and the memories we made.” – Mark and Linda

“Never felt unsafe or insecure.” – Pat and Ron

“We had an awesome trip-always felt safe and were well taken care of by our driver and guides.” – Jane

These are only a few of the most popular reasons that clients have loved their Morocco trip with Experience It Tours. Travelers return with unforgettable memories and a desire to go back to Morocco whenever possible! To hear more about why clients love traveling with us, check out our reviews on TrustPilot or our client testimonial page.