5 Reasons You Should Travel To Morocco

Are you looking for your next adventure? If you are a travel enthusiast, we know the next country you should add to your list.

We keep hearing from our travelers that Morocco is one of their favorite countries or that their trip holds some of the best memories for them.

Here are 5 reasons why Morocco is a fantastic travel destination – though there are so many, we could actually write a book not a blog post about this.

“We have traveled the world by way of backpacking to luxurious cruises and we can both honestly say that Morocco will forever be one of our favourite destinations.” – Laura and Natalie

We both have traveled many places throughout the world and this recent trip to Morocco certainly is high on our list of private tours. – Blanche

1. Safe & Secure:

The first concern that people have when they think about Morocco is that it might not be a safe country. I can’t tell you how many times I have been describing the beauty of Morocco to someone and they have asked, “But, wait, is Morocco safe?”

After living there for 10 years, I can say without hesitation that it is a very safe country. It is stable politically and welcomes thousands of tourists and travelers every year. We have helped over 1,500 small groups come to Morocco and never dealt with any safety issues. Our travelers return to their home countries and quickly begin to help change the fear of traveling to Morocco.

If you travel with a private tour company, you will also always have a private driver or a guide available. They will make sure that you feel completely comfortable and secure.

How do we know that Morocco continues to be safe?

Our travel company has American representatives living on the ground in Morocco with their children (who call Morocco home!). As they go about their daily lives they are always aware of the political climate. If Morocco were to ever become an unstable country, they would know right away and advise our travelers to postpone their trips.

“We felt safe and comfortable at all times and [our driver] made sure we wanted for nothing and missed nothing.” – Lesley

“Safe, absolutely! We never felt threatened and to the contrary felt welcomed, thanks to our awesome guide and our driver! From the souks in the Medina to the villages, always felt safe and can’t wait to return!” – Karen (from Facebook)

2. Unique Culture:

Where else can you stay the night in a Berber tent in the Sahara Desert under more stars than you have ever seen before and then the next day sleep in a luxurious boutique hotel (called a riad)?

Where else can you walk through an ancient city and see a way of life that has been around for centuries combined with modern comforts?

This isn’t a “beach vacation” destination (though there are some great beaches available!). It’s not a European city with fancy cafes and cathedrals. It is truly unique. You get a combination of Arab culture with a European flavor.

“Morocco is a land of beauty and wonder and our stay was all too brief. There is so much history, so much culture, so many landscapes, and so much amazing food that every day was a new adventure.” – Peg

3. Unforgettable & Delicious Food:

Don’t even get me started on the food.

One of the hardest parts about coming home is leaving behind that delicious cuisine. The bread, called khobz, is round and flat, and absolutely addicting. Moroccans use it as silverware, so you’ll get plenty of it. I don’t know how people go back to white loaves of store bought bread after eating fresh bread every single day.

The tagines (sort of like a stew) are so flavorful. Fresh fruit, sweet cookies, warm mint tea, grilled kebabs on the edge of the road, pastries, orange juice…I’m starting to drool just thinking about it. Are you?

“We were skeptic of Moroccan cuisine, until we had our first lunch and fell in love with it… You will see piles of pastries that look sticky and are probably covered with bees – try them early in your trip because you may become addicted to them!” – Laura and Natalie

4. Amazing & Memorable Sights:

There are such a wide range of fantastic locations that it is truly difficult to describe them.

Here are a few descriptions of favorite memories from Morocco trips.

…Walking through the canyon of limestone in the Todra Gorges…

…Being surrounded by the beautiful blue of Chefchaouen – a whole town that is painted blue! Can you imagine?…

…Breathing in the movement in the Fes markets…

…Enjoying a generous breakfast spread in our riad…

…Wandering through an old vizier’s palace in Marrakech…

…Touring the Hassan II mosque that is built over the water in Casablanca…

Swaying on a camel through dunes that never seem to end…

…Learning about the history and culture of Morocco from a friendly guide…

“As for the highlights, hmm… I wouldn’t even know where to start. The velvet dunes of Sahara desert and a night in a tent under a thousand stars, berbers singing and drumming for us – all was enchanting; visiting Ait Benhaddou was absolutely amazing; driving in High Atlas was breathtaking. Trip to Essaouira was very lovely.” –Inga

5. Easy & Welcoming:

A final reason that people LOVE traveling to Morocco is that it is an easy country to go to.

There are direct flights to Casablanca from major airports in the United States and Europe. You can also take the ferry over from Spain if you are traveling in Europe.

People in Morocco are very warm and welcoming. Most will be eager to share their culture with you and invite you to participate in different events.

“The people of Morocco are some of the most genuine and fascinating people you’ll ever meet. Their level of respect for tourists and each other is overwhelming. We always felt safe, taken care of and amazed by the level of hospitality shown to us.” -Laura and Natalie