Outdoor Activities in Morocco

Morocco is a North African country brimming with natural beauty and a choice of superb outdoor activities for all outdoor lovers. With the welcoming warm climate, beautiful beach side resorts and sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert, it’s no surprise that outdoor lovers flock to this picturesque country to experience it for themselves.

The High Atlas Mountains
The High Atlas Mountains offer a choice of fantastic outdoor experiences from mountain biking along the narrow pathways as you gaze upon the most beautiful scenery or whether you prefer hiking.

The mountain range offer outdoor enthusiasts to do all their favorite activities from rock climbing the rocky cliffs to hiking and mountain biking along the narrow and windy paths.

The Desert
The Sahara Desert offers visitors a glimpse into beauty, serenity and magnificence. This desert offers fun activities for everyone, especially outdoor enthusiasts. From camel trekking to see the high sandy dunes or taking a 4×4 excursion, you are guaranteed to have fun in the fresh air when visiting this golden desert of Morocco. The Sahara experience is one of the highlights of the Classic Morocco Tour.

The Seaside
Morocco is completed by the choice of fantastic seaside towns and cities boasting major beach resorts and quaint seaside villages. You can wander the streets of the villages soaking up the history and culture as you walk or you can enjoy some water sports at the beach resorts.

Morocco has a choice of superior beaches with great surfing conditions, making this a firm favorite among surfers. The resorts also offer a choice of activities including scuba diving, wind surfing and even kite surfing and para sailing, if you want some thrills added to your outdoor Moroccan experience.

With so much to offer it’s no surprise that Morocco has become a favored tourist destination for outdoor lovers who can enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activities while enjoying the magnificent scenery and historical sites this beautiful country has to offer.


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