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One of the best times of the year to travel to Morocco is October. Although it does not offer the flowers of spring, October’s weather is perfect. October has cooled off from the harsh summer but does not have the rain of spring.

October 2012 – Something to remember
One thing to keep in mind if you are planning a tour to Morocco in October of 2012…the Aid El Ahda (Sheep Sacrifice). This year, the largest holiday of the Islamic Calendar falls around the 26th of October. The country nearly shuts down for a day or two. Guides are difficult to find, shops are closed, and some restaurants aren’t open. Just remember to plan ahead around these dates…

Our Morocco Tour for October
This year we would like to highlight the Fabulous Fortnight Tour offering 14 days / 13 nights. One of our most popular tours, this Fabulous tour takes you into the Rif Mountains to Chefchaouen, the ancient medina of Fes, the Sahara desert, Marrakech and more… For those looking to experience the real Morocco, this tour is perfect.

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