Morocco – An Outdoor Adventure

Morocco, located in Northern Africa not only benefits from magnificent beauty but also it’s blessed with a wonderful warm climate, which makes it a top destination for adrenaline thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Morocco is home to eighteen hundred kilometers of coastline on top of the magnificent sandy dunes of the desert and the rocky edges of the mountain ranges. This is a country that offers a choice of outdoor adventures whether you are traveling as a family or you are a thrill seeker searching for your next adrenaline high.

Along the Coast
With stretches of coastline, Morocco is a top choice for those looking for the perfect windsurfing and kite surfing conditions. With beautiful blue waters and the slight sea breeze, Morocco always has people enjoying what the waters have to offer.

There is a selection of top surfing beaches for those looking to catch the perfect wave, enabling you to take advantage of the warm sunshine and perfect sea conditions.

The Mountain Ranges
Morocco is home to the Atlas Mountain range where visitors can enjoy great outdoor activities including rafting, mountain biking and off road driving. If it’s thrills you after you don’t need to look any further.

This mountain range also offers a wonderful opportunity to go for a hike and soak up the panoramic views when you are perched up high or just take a leisurely walk and enjoy your surroundings.

When winter hits the mountains are dusted in white and snow skiers and snow boarders from around the world arrive to take advantage of the great snow ski opportunities. There is a ski resort and ski school for those who are trying out this new adventure for the first time.

Sahara Desert
Of course the outdoor adventure doesn’t end there, there is still the large sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert to be explored and enjoyed. Whether you choose to experience this from the back of a camel or in the comfort of a 4×4, the golden dunes offer visitors the most beautiful natural beauty and panoramic views.


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