Free Tunisia Travel Tips

How do you travel around in Tunisia?

I tried every form of transport and can now deliver advice. For the budget traveler, public transport is the obvious option. There I was with backpack, weighing me down, tired eyes and desperate feet jostling my way through a crowd. The fun thing about using trains, busses and louages in Tunisia is that you get to mix with the people. People tourism, now there is a term to consider. The down on public transport for me is the luggage that goes with me to restuarants, sights, up and down stairs as if it has become part of my body. I have estimates for those who want to travel on public transport. From me you can get more pros and cons and a close to exact budget. Write to me, [email protected] but remember my desperate feet and tired eyes.

Renting a vehicle is another real option to travel around Tunisia. With limited time and a huge appetite for sights and experiences, I set off in a Renault Clio. My fellow travellers had the joy of navigating. My task was to trust them and employ loads of patience for the numerous wrong turns. The value for money is immense and the freedom to do what we wanted when we wanted was satisfying. I had the joy of driving to the Lybian and Algerian borders. I was impressed with desert and mountain and ocean. All in 7 days. When you plan to rent a car, talk to me, I have some good deals and free hints on what to watch for, where not to park and how much to budget. Write [email protected] for the results of the recent 7-day road show.

Sitting back while a local Tour Operator driver drove me around has its splendour. Low on stress but higher on price, I relished in the confidence that I will not get lost and if I did, the local driver was responsible. He operated on a time schedule and was locked into a pre-arranged route. This is the smart way to get around with ample protection and advice. Soooo, if have a reasonable budget with a desire to sit back and relax, I can arrange the best tour that will meet all your expectation. Then again, you may just want to cash in on my free advice which I am happy to part with. [email protected]

Enjoy the trip.


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