Djerba Island

The Island of FORGETFULNESS or of DREAMS received more than 1 million visitors in 2008.
Houmt Souk and Midoun are the two biggest towns where Tunisian food, arts and crafts are available in abundance. There are more than 700,000 olive trees on Djerba, some of which are more than 3000 years old with more than 1million Date Palms. More than 100 hotels are housed on the island to cater for the ever returning tourists who found a second home here. The beach is spectacular where water sports are enjoyed all year round.
The Spas and Thalasso centres will help you forget. So come to the Island of Forgetfulness to relax and leave the troubles behind.

Highlights of Djerba

More than 100 hotels to choose from

The Roman built causeway

Oldest Synagogue outside of Israel.

Guellala, the pottery capital of the island

Beautiful beaches

Spas and Thalasso

Spanish port and castle

Berber museum

Open gift market

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