Discovering the Dunes – 8 Days

8 days / 7 nights

Day 1

Morning departure by 4X4 from El Faouar into the desert towards R’lelet Jaloul to rendez-vous with our camel drivers. Once the luggage is loaded on the dromedaries, our Sahara Desert experience begins. Led by experienced camel drivers we hike towards Martoum Sacslimen with a stop for lunch. The evening bivouac will take place in Zmlet Zraïb. *Bivouac: open air camping

Day 2

After breakfast, our desert experience continues with our morning hike to Mohammed Esseley. Lunch will take place near this local holy man’s tomb. The afternoon hike will lead us towards the long dunes of Chrah el Matar where we camp for the night.

Day 3

Many dunes are on the menu for this morning! Lunch will take place at Rajem el Hamdiya. After a short afternoon nap, we will hike cross a *dry river bed to reach the evening bivouac place of El Faraï. *Dry river bed: oued

Day 4

Today refreshing sweet cool waters await us at our lunch break at Bir Azet’s well. Our continued hike will take us through the middle of high dunes and bring us to the night bivouac site of Bir Ben Abdallah.

Day 5

Another day’s hike amidst high dunes. Lunch will take place near the Laghou oued and the night bivouac will be set up at Ettouayel Essabria. This evening, as well as every evening in the desert, we can enjoy the amazingly clear display of night stars and the quiet serine calm of the desert.

Day 6

Lunch will take place on the small dunes at Zmlet 27. The evening bivouac will be at Ahla’nda Lachichina surrounded by tamaris (date) trees.

Day 7

Lunch will be near Bir Boubaker’s well. On this last evening in the desert, join in the evening’s bivouac activities by helping pick up wood for the fire, setting up the tent and help prepare the meal. This evening is spent at Cherb el Raïss.

Day 8

Our last morning in the desert, we will hike to Bir Boukaba’s well for lunch and rendez-vous with the 4×4 vehicles. We will travel the desert trail by 4×4 for half an hour before joining the road to Tozeur.

Tour includes :

Full board meals from Day 1 lunch till Day 8 breakfast
Camel drivers’ team and luggage-carrier dromedaries
One dromedary available for up to 3 people (to ride on)
Nomadic tent for 4 to 7 people
Tent used for “bathroom” for the group
Mattress, one or two blankets, plate, cup and spoon per person
Transfer by 4×4 vehicle on day 1 (El Faouar/R’lelet Jaloul) and day 8 (Bir Boukaba/Tozeur)
Tour does not include:
Airfare / Drinks / Personal spending / Tips / Travel insurance

Estimated time for transfers by 4×4:
Day 1 from El Faouar to R’lelet Jaloul – 45 min
Day 8 from Bir Boukaba to Sabria – 30 min
Drink: Take tablets to purify water
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