Where is Morocco?

Morocco is a very popular travel destination, however, many people still ask me, “Where is Morocco?” Morocco is a country located in North West Africa with a diverse mix of landscapes surrounded by Algeria, Mauritania, the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the closest country in North Africa to Europe; it’s only fourteen kilometers (8.6 miles) from the Spanish Gibraltar coastline. Some might think that Morocco is better known for the annual Moroccan Grand Prix as the Formula One race cars travel past the beautiful marina and along winding roads, but this country has so much to offer from magnificent coastlines to towering mountains and sandy desert areas.

The Atlas Mountains run through the center of Morocco with the Western Sahara region being mostly mountainous. The Dades Valley runs from the High Atlas Mountains offering spectacular scenery, jagged cliffs and traditional forts, a perfect place for hiking with spectacular photographic moments.

This country is warm and sunny the majority of the year, making it a firm favorite among tourists. The summers are hot and dry with the coastal areas being slightly cooler thanks to the welcome ocean breeze. During the winter it’s mild and snow does accumulate on the Atlas Mountains bringing snow skiing to the area.

From the beautiful city of Marrakech, a busy city rich in history with an abundance of sights including bustling markets and historical tombs to the medieval city of Fes with the Royal Palace and spectacular scenery, our Morocco tours offers a tourist so much to do and see. Enjoy camel rides in the desert or water sports on the ocean, visit historical sites or enjoy hiking in the mountainous areas and during winter, throw on some snow skis and ski down the slopes of the Atlas Mountains.

It’s important to remember that Morocco is an Islamic area; the dress code is modest except at the coastal beach resorts. It is here you will experience the most breath taking sunsets, sandy shorelines, crystal clear waters and panoramic scenery.