Visiting Guilmim in Morocco

Guilmim is not a busy tourist destination, located only two hundred kilometers from Agadir in Southern Morocco. This area is the ideal day visit when staying in Agadir and is home to the famous camel market.

When you arrive in Guilmim you’ll want to head to the camel market, though don’t let the name fool you, you won’t find many camels for sale. It is more of a souk, traditional market, selling a range of traditional items and livestock including sheep and goats.

You can stop at the Caia Dahman Takri Palace, while in ruins you’ll be amazed to know that the palace is only around one hundred years old, tucked away in the town. During the day there are the souks or traditional markets and there are great evening markets to enjoy.

Heading Back to Agadir
Guilmim is really only a day visit. There are only a few things to do and see, but once you head back to Agadir you have a choice of activities and sights to explore. There are five museums in the city offering an opportunity to soak up the history and culture of this beautiful area.

Be sure to stop by the Kasbah, built in 1540 and still very well-preserved and then there is the beautiful Medina. The Medina is the old town complete with stunning traditional architecture, narrow passages and covered alleys.

In the Medina you’ll find the souk, the traditional market where you can find a host of great items to take home from jewelry to leather goods and pottery to rugs and carpets.

Agadir is famous for it’s fantastic beaches where you can enjoy a host of water sports including surfing, snorkeling and swimming and with the wonderful warm weather throughout the year in Morocco, you can easily spend every day of your Morocco tour lazing on the beach and soaking up the sun.

Since Agadir isn’t a part of our listed itineraries, contact us and we will customize a private tour just for you to include Agadir, Guilmim and any other places you choose to visit in Morocco!