Visit the Five Imperial Cities of Morocco

Each of the imperial cities in Morocco offer a wealth of history and culture, not to mention spectacular architecture and an abundance of beauty. Each of the cities offer you a glimpse into the cities past, you can explore the historical sights and soak up some of the culture.

Casablanca set on the Atlantic Ocean is the largest city in Morocco. You can visit the Medina (the Old Town), explore the narrow passages and beautiful architecture or spend some time shopping at the Morocco Mall, the largest shopping Centre in Africa.

Fes is the third largest city in Morocco and is filled with fantastic holiday experiences for you to enjoy from the Fes el Bali, the Medina and UNESCO World Heritage Site to the tanneries where you can see the traditional art of dying leather.

Rabat is the capital and also the second largest city in Morocco. Here you can see the famous Hassan Tower, visit the mausoleums and the royal residence. It’s a beautiful city with so much to offer you won’t be disappointed stopping here for a day or two.

Meknes is a city filled with historical sites from spectacular mosques to mausoleums and royal stables and beautiful palaces. You get a chance to really soak up the history and culture of the area by spend one or two days here.

Marrakesh is probably the most famous of the cities and the one that everyone knows in Morocco. This city is filled with amazing sights to be explored from Djemma el-Fna, the huge square in the heart of the Medina where you can see snake charmers, dancers and fortune tellers to the Bahia Palace, Saadian Tombs and the choice of museums.