Trips in Morocco

When I think of Trips in Morocco, I think of two things: Excursion Trips inside of Morocco and full tour packages in Morocco. From our experience, Morocco offers excellent choices for either of these.

Excursion Trips
There are a number of great excursions in Morocco depending on where you are starting from. From those staying in Marrakech, you may want to consider a day excursion into the High Atlas Mountains up to the Urika Valley. Experience life in the Berber mountains! If you are looking for a coastal excursion, you may want to head east to Essaouira. Essaouira is an amazing small town boasting some of the best artists of Morocco. If you happen to be staying in Fes, the best excursions are to Volubilis (Roman Ruins) or to the Middle Atlas Mountains. This trips will give you a taste of something totally different.

Trips to Morocco
For those looking for specific trips to Morocco, you will want to consider something that is tested and true. You will want to do your research and planning to design a great tour. If you need help, you may want to look at one of our trusted tours like the Classic Morocco Tour or the Imperial Cities Tour. These tours are perfect for the private traveler looking to experience the authentic Morocco.

Trips in Morocco are well worth your time. Make sure you remember that this is your trip, so plan it the way you want and not the way someone else tells you it should be! Contact us for a custom design trip to Morocco.