Tours in Morocco – 2 Times to Avoid

People often ask me what is the best time to take tours in Morocco, however, sometimes people forget to consider the times you might want to avoid. Actually, there are not really any times in Morocco that you should avoid 100%, but you should be aware of these two and be ready for them.

August – Do you enjoy the heat?
Before you plan your tour to Morocco in August, you should know that it is very hot. The temperatures can easily soar over 110 degrees during the day. If you can plan your trip during another time of the year, I would encourage you to do that.

Is it unbearable? Morocco is hot, but we still have many travelers come during that time. With their air-conditioned vehicles, riads with swimming pools, and a driver that understands the heat, you can still enjoy Morocco during August.

Aid el-Adha – the Sheep Sacrifice
Another time that you need to be aware of is the largest holiday of the year – like Christmas – the Aid el-Adha. The entire country shuts down for this day! Nothing is open, guides are not working and many restaurants are closed.

If you enjoy culture and a day of rest from your touring, this holiday will open your eyes to your host culture. Just be prepared for the roasted sheep heads, piles of sheep skins, and smoke fill air! This is only one day of the year, but you need to be aware of this.

Morocco is an amazing place to travel…but just make sure you understand what you will encounter if you plan to visit during these two times. Let us help you plan your tour in Morocco.