Top Outdoor Activities in Morocco

Morocco, located in Northern Africa, offers a wonderfully warm climate throughout the year, an abundance of natural beauty, a host of historical and cultural activity and plenty of outdoor fun, making it a top choice for holiday makers from around the world.

There are some spectacular beaches in Morocco, stretches of golden sand where the Mediterranean Sea laps at the shore. Many of the beaches of popular for surfing and wind surfing. Other top watersports at many of the beach resorts include boating, wet biking and scuba diving.

Then there is the fantastic Sahara Desert which stretches for miles offering plenty of golden dunes, popular for walking, hiking and dune surfing. Dune surfing is a great outdoor activity that will be remembered for many years. While in the Sahara you can enjoy the opportunity of touring the small Berber villages on a camel, an experience you will never forget.

Agadir, an area of Morocco is a popular choice for cycling. There are plenty of great sights and landscapes to visit and explore as you make your way through the area on a bicycle.

For those who enjoy adventure, there is Todra Gorge which is popular with hikers and rock climbers. Make your way up the jagged peaks to enjoy breath taking views when you reach the top.

Another of the great outdoor activities you can enjoy is white water rafting which you can do in the High Atlas Mountains on the Oum-er-Rbia River which makes its way through Ali Mohammed Gorge, the grade four rapids combined with beautiful scenery, make this a fun day out for families or couples visiting the area.

Morocco has so many magnificent historical sites, traditional markets and architectural delights, walking through any of the cities or towns will leave you amazed, another outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by everyone who visits this beautiful country. Check out what our clients have to say about their Morocco adventures. Also feel free to contact us to customize the perfect tour for you.

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