Things to do in Casablanca

Casablanca, located in Morocco, is a popular tourist destination filled with magnificent hotels, experiences and beaches. Located on the north Atlantic coast this city becomes very busy with travelers from around the world.

Top Hotels
There are a number of luxury spa hotels in Casablanca from five star beach resorts to luxurious spa hotels in the city center. Each one offers their own Moroccan feel welcoming holiday makers to the city and making you feel at home.

Downtown Casablanca is brimming with French influences turning this part of the city into an art deco masterpiece. Make your way down Mohammed V Boulevard, a large pedestrian street, and be amazed at the spectacular architecture of the buildings that line this prominent street.

Visiting the Medina is a must when visiting any city in Morocco. The Medina is the old town and is usually walled with narrow passages and covered alleys combined with traditional architecture.

Casablanca has an alternative after you have visited the Medina, called Habous which is an area lined with shops all offering hand crafted and traditional items, the perfect shopping opportunity to buy all your souvenirs.

One of the many attractions when visiting Morocco is the stretches of coastline and magnificent beaches and Casablanca being perched on the coast offers a selection of superior beaches for the whole family to enjoy.

Some have boardwalks brimming with friendly vendors and other beaches even offer horseback riding. It is a completely unique experience where you can soak up the sun and try something different, the perfect way to spend a day in Morocco.

Remember that Morocco enjoys a very warm climate throughout most of the year, so whether you choose to relax on a beach or explore the Medina keep plenty of bottled water with you and remain hydrated at all times.