The Natural Side of Morocco

Morocco, set in Northern Africa, is a country which is rich in tradition and steeped in history. This country also has an abundance of natural beauty which draws thousands of tourists to its shores each and every year.

With magnificent coastlines, dramatic mountains and stretches of golden desert, it’s no surprise that Morocco has become an outdoor adventurer’s wonderland. Hikers, rock climbers, adrenaline enthusiasts, cyclists and scuba divers arrive in Morocco year after year to take advantage of what this beautiful country has to offer.

The Rif Mountains are absolutely magical, to say the least. They tower up with jagged cliffs that offer some of the best hiking and climbing opportunities. You can soak up the beautiful weather, the natural beauty and the staggering views as you make your way through the trials of the mountain range.

Rock climbers are drawn to the jagged cliffs of Todra Gorge. This isn’t only a tourist attraction for adrenaline enthusiasts, vacationers from around the world arrive here to take spectacular photographs of one of the most beautiful natural structures in Morocco.

The Atlas Mountains are another of the top attractions, soaring 4,000 meters high, these mountains are a delight for any outdoor enthusiast. You can hike, climb, mountain bike or enjoy a leisurely walk and gaze at the panoramic views as you get higher.

Heading to the desert is a unique experience on its own, from enjoying the chance to ride a camel for the first time to visiting an oasis village brimming with palm trees. Go dune surfing or climb to the highest peak and just be amazed by the vastness of the golden dunes, which seem to go on forever.

Morocco does have its coastal areas, beach resorts and a huge number of Roman ruins, museums and historical buildings, but if you love the outdoors and nature, then there is a special side of Morocco just waiting to be explored.

Let us customize your Morocco tour to give you a chance to experience all the natural beauty that Morocco has to offer!