The Best Moroccan Experiences

Morocco, set in Northern Africa, offers a choice of cultural and historical experiences for tourists from around the world. The wonderful Mediterranean warm climate combined with a host of spectacular towns, villages and sights is what has made Morocco such a popular holiday destination.

Sample The Cuisine
When visiting Morocco, being in such a different country it only makes sense to try something new. Morocco’s cuisine is Mediterranean orientated offering spicy delights, probably recipes you’ll want to take home with you.

Set in the Rif Mountains, this area has a beautiful Medina with brilliant blue buildings and cobbled streets where you can shop, enjoy a leisurely stroll or just enjoy the picturesque beauty.

While trying unique experiences in Morocco spending a few hours at a hammam will give you the truly traditional experience. These are public baths, much like the Turkish baths. When visiting a hammam bear in mind that Morocco is an Islamic country, they will either be separate public baths for men and women or there will be separate opening times.

This is a large square in the heart of Marrakesh which offers a truly Moroccan experience you will never forget. Spend your afternoon soaking up the spectacular performances of jugglers, dancers, snake charmers and even storytellers. There are a number of stalls in the square where you can buy snacks otherwise the square is surrounded by a selection of great cafes.

One of the highlights of Morocco is the Sahara Desert. When exploring the desert you can visit the fantastic Berber villages, enjoy the unique experience of riding a camel or be adventurous and give dune surfing a try.

Of course set on the Mediterranean Coast, Morocco has no shortage of magnificent beaches. Spectacular coastlines, stretches of sandy shorelines and clear blue waters offer visitors the chance to enjoy surfing and a host of water sports in beautiful surroundings.

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