Soak Up Some Culture at the Marrakech Museums

Marrakech is one of the most important cities in Moroccan history and it is where you will find some of the most impressive museums, oozing culture and history and enabling you to get a true sense of this magnificent country and it’s past history. You might want to request some of these museums on your classic Morocco tour

Marrakech Museum
Marrakesh Museum is a firm favorite museum among the tourists to Morocco, it is also known as the “Jewel of Marrakech” as it’s located in the beautiful Dar M’Nebhi Palace. This museum has a spectacular display of Muslim, Jewish and Berber artifacts.

The building itself is impressive, dating back to the nineteenth century. The building is so impressive as you wander through the passages and walk past the large pillars all adorned with art and artefact’s.

Dar Si Said Museum
The Dar Si Said Museum is also located in a beautiful palace and offers a selection of Moroccan artifacts. Starting on the ground floor your experience will begin with a choice of objects, jewelry and clothing.

The first floor is filled with beautiful furniture all made from cedar with outstanding carvings and a host of carpets from around the country, some even made from leather. This museum is a must if you want to really soak up the culture of Marrakech.

Bert Flint Museum
Bert Flint was a Danish art historian and his collection is now displayed in this wonderful museum for all to enjoy. The museum is located in the municipal theater and has a wide selection of costumes, musical instruments, carpets and furniture on display. The entire collection comes from two popular regions in Morocco, the Sahara and the Souss Valley.

Majorelle Museum
The Majorelle Museum is set in the former studio of Jacque Majorelle, a French artist. The museum has a selection of Islamic art on display. The exciting part of this museum is it is set in the most magnificent gardens offering visitors an opportunity to not only soak up the culture and art on offer, but to enjoy the serenity of the gardens while touring the museum.