Morocco Travel for Families

Are you looking for a special trip for your family? Morocco is an excellent choice for family travelers. While living in Morocco for 10 years, my kids loved to travel around and see the country. Morocco allows families to experience a new culture, people, and environment in a safe way.

Family Fun
If you are looking for a trip that is just filled with fun, Morocco offers places like the Sahara Desert…jumping in the 4×4 vehicles, playing in the sand dunes, and camel trekking. The night in the berber tents was always a highlight for my family.

Family Learning
Perhaps you want your kids to have a more educational experience. Morocco is packed with historical sites, cultural activities and more. From guided tours to “The Day in the Life of a Berber”, Morocco has something for all. My kids love to take pictures and journal their trips…a fun way to learn and remember.

If you want to just hit the beach for some sun and relaxation, Morocco offers Agadir or Essaouira. Perfect for families…

Consider Morocco for your next family tour.

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