Morocco Climate for Travel

Morocco which is located in the North West corner of Africa is embellished with mountains to deserts, to green river valleys and sandy coastlines. Thus the climate alters, confirming to the Morocco geography. Over all, the climate is quite dry and receives very less rainfall during some month of the year. Marrakech and Agadir are the only two places which enjoy relatively moderate climate. The climatic condition along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines is fairly moderate. During summer seasons it is very hot, but cool breeze coming from the water bodies will give a very cool effect. Winter is short and is accompanied by occasional downpours.

From the coastal region as you move to the interior of the country, you’ll slowly experience an extreme climate. The Atlas Mountain situated quite high above the sea level experiences cold climatic conditions. Snowfalls are very frequent; hence temperature is below zero degree nearly all the time. The mountaintop remains covered by snow even in summer season. Rainfall in Morocco occurs during the months of October-November and April-May. The North Western part receives most of the rainfall, which is much higher than the other regions. The best time for a vacation in Morocco is during early summer months. During this time the climate is quite pleasant.

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