History of Morocco

Morocco is one of the most interesting African countries. The country offers various kinds of attractions for the tourists visiting the place. The wonderful art, culture and history combine to make the country an attractive spot for all the tourists. The numerous restaurants, museums, beaches and art galleries ensure a better holiday time. The history of Morocco reveals that it had been invaded by foreigner during various periods of time. The Phoencians, the Romans, the Carthaginians, the Spanish and the French, were the people who had ruled the country. So the cultural tours of there will provide you with all the details about the different rulers of the country. The influence of the previous rulers of the country is felt in all spheres of Moroccan life. Both the art and culture have been shaped by the foreign rules of the country and it was only in the middle of the 20th century that this country sought independence from those foreign rulers. A cultural tour here would take you through the beautiful and ancient cities of the country. Thus any of the cultural tour here would involve visits to the public places of the country and there are numerous cities in the country which would provide you with a chance to understand the Moroccan culture. Each of the cities owns distinct and unique charm. Rabat is one of the most happening cities over here which will provide you with wonderful insights into the culture of the country. Fez is another one of the cities which is bound to be included in the cultural tours and is widely acknowledged as the art and cultural hub of the country of Morocco.

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