Some Top Historical Sites of Morocco

When you visit a country such as Morocco which is so rich in history and culture, visiting some of the fantastic historical sites is something that shouldn’t be missed. Morocco is alive with bustling towns, magnificent scenery, crystal blue oceans, rolling sandy dunes and historical sites. If you love history, come tour Morocco

El Badi Palace
El Badi Palace dates back to the sixteenth century when it was a magnificent royal palace of Ahmad al-Mansur. This palace has beautiful gardens, courtyards and over three hundred and fifty rooms which were covered in gold. Today this palace lies in ruins in the heart of Marrakech and the gold has been removed, but the sunken gardens and many passages can still be seen, especially if you go up onto the viewing terrace to get a better look.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V
This is the grand tomb of Mohammed V, one of Morocco’s kings and his sons. He was king was 1927 to 1953, after which he was exiled only to return and reign again from 1957 to 1961. The tomb is stunning decorated with traditional artwork.

Telouet Kasbah
This used to be a magnificent fortress and home to the El Glaoui family who rules the area in the late nineteenth century. The fortress remains lie on the Atlas Mountains and even though most of the fortress is in ruins you can still see a lot of the decorations that used to make this place so spectacular.

Saadian Tombs
These tombs are located in Marrakech and are where sixty rulers and Saadi Dynasty members were laid to rest. The tombs date back to the mix sixteen century when the Saadi Dynasty rules the area. The tombs are very well preserved and were only discovered in 1917 when they were uncovered by accident. This is a major tourist attraction, so you may find you are rushed through the tombs to make way for the next wave of tourists.

The ruins of Volubilis are an ancient Roman site dating back to 25BC. You can still see the temples, mills, homes and buildings today and get a feel of what it was like to live in such an area so many thousands of years ago.