Great Breakfast Cafe in Fes

If you’re looking for an alternative from the hotel for eating breakfast in Fes, there’s a great place called Cafe Adan! Cafe Adan is known for their delicious chocolate croissants that have both chocolate inside as well as drizzled on top!…Yum! If you’re not a chocolate lover, there are other croissant options such as almond, orange, or cheese. Some prefer the unique tastes of the homemade malawi or harsha with olives and spices. And for those who are brave and like to taste new things, you can be served up plate of fried eggs mixed with the famous dried meat in lard. A variety of drinks are also served at Cafe Adan from fresh squeezed orange juice, to coffee and cappuccinos, to local mint tea, British black tea, or hot chocolate. The price is incredibly reasonable, and another bonus is that both men and women are welcome at this particular cafe. We would highly recommend Cafe Adan as a great breakfast spot with both outdoor and indoor seating!