Fun Foods of Morocco

If you are travelling to Morocco then you really must sample the food. Just like the colourful culture of Morocco, the cuisine of Morocco is diverse and rich in flavour. The thing about Moroccan food is that most of their produce is organic and the vegetables and meat do not have to travel far before reaching your plate because of the local farming of fruits and vegetables.

The season affects what fresh produce is available at certain time of the year. One of the most common foods in Morocco and a dish that probably every traveller encounters in Morocco is Couscous. Couscous is rich of spices, meat and vegetables. Couscous is the national dish of Morocco and it is a common practice to make balls of couscous and eat them like gumballs.

Pastilla, which is a type of pie, is another very delicious dish of morocco. It is often called bstilla and contains chicken, meat or fish, which is minced with parsley, eggs, almonds, and honey. The dish is generally wrapped in crisp phyllo (or filo) dough and garnished with cinnamon powder.

Another culinary delight is tagine. Tagine is the name of the dish as well as the pot in which the meal is cooked. Tagine is cooked over a bed of coals in a conical pot which contains meat. The meat can be lamb, beef, goat or sometimes just vegetables if one does not like to eat meat. There are different types of tagine and when you visit a specific region it might have its own dedicated dish. If you are in Morocco and you want to enjoy tagine you should visit the southern regions of Morocco and the mountains. Tagine is one of the most common dishes in the country and almost every restaurant will have it on their menu. Two common tagines are egg and kefta. Aside from vegetables and meat a lot of spices are used in tagine such as paprika and cumin along with other ingredients such as onion and garlic.

Harira is also a popular soup in Morocco. Harira is the most popular starter in Morocco but it is also taken as a snack. It is made from lentils beans and tomatoes.

No matter what kind of palate you have, Moroccan cuisine satisfies all. Whether you are in Marrakesh, or Fez or the Atlas Mountains, you will easily find mouth-watering delights. Food is a great reason to tour Morocco!