Exploring Fes

Fes is located in Morocco in Northern Africa and offers a choice of luxury hotels, spectacular sights and historical attractions for visitors to enjoy while staying in the city.

Fes is a popular tourist destination offering so many cultural and historical experiences. This city is perfect whether you’re travelling as a group of friends, a family or a couple.

The Medina
The Fes Medina is a complex maze of covered alleys and narrow passages. You can take an afternoon and walk through this old town, soaking up the traditional architecture and finding the historical buildings.

The souk, traditional market, offers a selection of items. The souk is a bustling place filled with great aromas and colors. Be ready to barter and buy souvenirs for home from pottery, leather items, clothing, jewelry and carpets.

Bab Boujloud
This is the main entrance to the Medina and is younger than most of the Medina. This blue monumental gate is surrounded by stalls and cafes which are brimming with locals.

Museum of Moroccan Arts
This museum is located in a nineteenth century palace and is dedicated to local crafts including carved wood, carpets and pottery, just to name a few. This museum is well worth the visit when in Fes as you get a chance to really soak up the culture of the country.

The Tanneries
The Tanneries are a popular tourist attraction. The best time to visit is during the morning when there is a lot going on. This is where they treat the leather using sixteenth century methods. You’ll see the baskets filled with leather as bare foot workers dye the leathers various colors before spreading them on the roof tops to dry.

Merenid Tombs
These tombs are another popular tourist attraction, but it’s the panoramic views you get when visiting the tombs that is spectacular.

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