Date Night at Riad Dar Dmana

live and work here in Fes, Morocco and wanted to take my wife to a nice place to eat. We were recommended to try Riad Dar Dmana and wow were we impressed! Our first thought upon entering this lovely restored traditional house was “Wow wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a place like this!” We were warmly welcomed at the door and escorted to courtyard area where the tables were arranged in traditional Moroccan fashion with antique looking Frashes (lounging couches) and decorations that made you feel like you were entering someone’s loved home.

Our hostess, in full smiles, brought out the first course, which included about 10 different Moroccan salads with many different flavors ranging from spicy to savory to sweet. These were not just some salads that you can get off the street, but they tasted like a lot of love was put into each one with attention to details like little garnishes. We could have just stopped with the salads, but then the main Tagine dish arrived and wow was it delicious. We were delightfully satisfied at this point and enjoying conversation with the traditional Moroccan music playing softly in the background when it was brought out…We were served some of the best Bastilla that I have tasted while here in Morocco. Bastilla has a unique flavor combining sweet and savory in a dish that will have you screaming for more. As if this wasn’t enough food, our meal was concluded with a bowl of deliciously cut up fresh fruit.

We walked away from this night feeling like we had entered a luxurious home and been treated to a Royal feast. My wife and I sat there admiring the beauty of this house thinking of our families back home and saying that when they come to visit we need to bring them here!

On your visit through Fes, you might consider enjoying a dinner at Riad Dar Dmana.

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