Cascades D’Ouzoud Waterfalls

Morocco is a country that is filled with natural beauty, history, culture and charm. From the spectacular sandy beaches to the golden dunes of the Sahara Desert, there is something for everyone in Morocco. There are some things that shouldn’t be missed when holidaying in Morocco and one of these sights is the Ouzoud Waterfalls.

The falls are a perfect day trip from Marrakesh and can be found in Tanghmeilt, a Grand Atlas Village. The falls are a spectacular sight and can leave you gasping in amazement as the river plunges over one hundred meters in a number of magnificent waterfalls. As you can imagine the scenery is tranquil while the sound of the falls are deafening.

You can reach the falls through Ouzoud village where you can also purchase a number of souvenirs at the number of stalls dotted around the village. There are also plenty of cafes as you near the falls.

The stairs will take you down towards the base of the falls and this is the best way to experience this natural masterpiece. The base of the falls is filled with pools and you’ll find many of the locals swimming around, even though there are signs prohibiting swimming.

You can also enjoy the fun of taking one of the boats out into the pools or you can cross the pools on foot. Being here on a hot day is a dream come true as the water crashes offering the most spectacular picture moments.

While the stairs can be tiring, once you arrive at the base of the falls all those stairs fall from your mind. You can sit with your feet in one of the pools and just enjoy the beauty of the area, you can wander around and explore the base or you can just get your camera out and take photos of this memory that will remain with you forever.


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