B’stilla – The classic Morocco food

B’stilla is a classic Morocco food dish, usually made with pigeon or squab, even though many European and American cook use chicken instead. The fowl is experienced with both sugary and savory spices, and covered in layers of gust pastry dough before baking. The result is a salty pie with a little of complex syrupiness, traditionally served as part of a main meal. Enterprising cooks might choose to make personal B’stillas, but since the procedure is involved, many prefer to make one big pie. Many people from abroad take up a best 8 day morocco tours to have a great experience with B’stilla. When using vegan meat substitutes for B’stilla, the most excellent choice is perhaps seitan, since it can be shredded into a chicken-like constancy. Each cook as well has a little different recipe for B’stilla, and it might take several tries to reach recipe perfection.

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