Best BBQ at Marrakech Square

So one of my favorite experiences in Marrakech is heading down to the Jemaa El-fna, the famous square. The square truly comes alive at night…not with tourists…but with locals out to enjoy the stories, music and entertainment. At first look, the square can be very intimidating but it is well worth a visit.

Number 81
Over the years, I have tested a number of the barbecue stands at the square and #81 has been my favorite. The guys who serve are super friendly and they take good care of you. You might want to order some brochettes (shishkabab) or try one of the many other options on display. One thing to remember is that each both usually specializes in something, so if you just want soup or steamed goat, you will need to try another booth.

Fresh Orange Juice
The other thing to try is the fresh squeezed orange juice. Remember that you can bargain, so offer them less if you are buying multiple glasses. Ask them to squeeze it right in front of you and then taste the amazing sweet flavor.

Entertainment the cultural way…
I was actually pretty shocked that the entertainment (stories & music) was really geared to the local audience. It is all done in Arabic or Berber and very traditional. For culture lovers, it is a great experience. The way they gather the crowd and don’t start actually performing until they have enough money in hand…you might wait 15 minutes for the real show. But is fun and Moroccan….

Should I be watch out for anything?
The only thing you may want to be be aware of is the pick pockets. Not that they are everywhere, but if you are in a crowd, watching the entertainment, you might be an easy target.

The Marrakech square is well worth a visit on your tour of Morocco.