A Holiday in Marrakesh

Marrakesh, imperial city and tourist capital of Morocco and popular tourist destination offers visitors an opportunity to explore the fantastic historical sights, soak up the culture of the area and enjoy the natural beauty this country has to offer.

One of the top sights in the area is the Medina. The Medina is the old town complete with narrow passageways, covered alleys and a colorful and bustling souk. The souk is a traditional market where you can barter for good prices and buy a host of traditional items from carpets to leather goods, perfumes to jewelry and clothing to pottery.

Next is the Jardin Majorelle gardens, a place to relax and unwind as you make your way through these spectacular botanical gardens, it’s a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city center and a change from spending your days lazing by the pool or lying on the beach.

Djemma el Fna is a large square where you can truly get a feel for Moroccan life. You will be amazed by the snake charmers, jugglers and street performers. Stop at one of the snack stalls and enjoy a traditional Moroccan meal while you wander through the square.

If you want to enjoy a traditional Moroccan experience then you really must visit a hammamm while in the area. A hammamm is a public steam bath, you’ll get to relax as you are scrubbed clean and steam all the toxins from your body, you will leave feeling revitalized and it’s a welcome change from the modern day spa experience.

Before you leave Marrakesh be sure to stop in at the Museum of Moroccan Art, not only are the pieces on display truly amazing, but the museum is housed in a beautiful palace, the architecture alone is enough to take your breath away.