5 Great Options in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries you will visit in North Africa. Set on the coast with unrivaled natural beauty, Morocco welcomes travelers from around the globe who want to experience the culture and history this country has to offer. While designing your tour to Morocco, you might want to consider a few of these options:

One of the things you really should experience when visiting Morocco is Chefchaouen. Chefchaouen is located in the Rif Mountains and is a delightful area complete with cobbled streets and beautiful blue buildings. It can remind you of a Greek oasis, there is a choice of fantastic cafes and you can wander around the cobbled streets and soak up the fantastic architecture.

Sahara Desert
It’s fair to say that the Sahara Desert is the high point of any Morocco holiday. The best way to experience the desert is on camel. These animals can take you into the heart of the desert and with an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide you can ensure you don’t miss a thing. The spectacular sandy dunes tower above as your camel makes its way deep into the golden desert.

While Marrakesh is a busy city filled with shops and a spectacular traditional Medina. It’s the superb Majorelle Gardens that offer you the peace and tranquility when on holiday here. Wander along the paths as you pass the brightly colored flowers and open spaces of this wonderful gardens in the heart of the bustling city.

Taghazoute – Surfing Town
If you love surfing then Taghazoute is the place to visit when in Morocco. Taghazoute is the famous surfing area especially in winter when the swell rises and offers the perfect waves. While you surf the rest of your family can explore the area or just relax and watch the waves crash on the shore.

Asilah – Off the beaten path
Asilah is a wonderful place for a day visit when in Morocco. This is a beach town that offers stretches of sandy shoreline and the towns walls are filled with magnificent murals. It’s an experience that will not be forgotten and is definitely one of the top five things to do when holidaying in Morocco.