Getting around Morocco


Private / Circuit Tour:

Join one of our circuit tours of Morocco, with all transportation included.

Rent a car or van:

Rent a car for personal freedom to go traveling the country, or rent a van and driver for your group.

By Train:

Morocco has a fantastic train system, with connections between many of the major cities. Check www.oncf.ma for schedules and fares. Tickets can be purchased at the train station.

By Bus:

Some cities are not connected by train. Morocco has three national bus companies that operate between most major towns and cities. CTM, and Supratours are comfortable and reliable; however, SATAS does not have as good a reputation. Tickets can be bought at the bus station.
City buses are cheap, but often over-packed.

By Taxi:

There are two different types of taxis: petit taxis and grand taxis. Petit taxis are the best way to get around the city. They are colour coded in each city, and can usually be flagged down from the side of the street. The maximum occupancy for petit taxis is 3. Grand taxis can take you longer distances, including other cities. They are more expensive than taking the train, and they will often try to fill to their capacity of 6 passengers that are going in the same direction.

By Air:

Royal Air Maroc offers domestic flights.
Check www.royalairmaroc.com for schedules and fares.