Primary Education:

Age level: 6-12
Length: 6 years
Fundamental Secondary Education:

Age level: 12-15
Length: 3 years
General Secondary [letters, sciences, or maths]:

Age level: 15-18
Length: 3 years
Diploma: Baccalauréat
Alternative: Technical Secondary:

Diploma: Baccalauréat Technique

Higher Education:

Higher education is offered by public universities, technical schools, engineering schools and teacher-training schools. There are also institutions that specialize in professional training for science, technology, law, economics, administration, and social sciences. Morocco has about 230,000 students enrolled in its 14 public universities.
Admission requirements: Good knowledge of Arabic or French


Education in Morocco is free and it is compulsory to attend until completion of fundamental secondary education. However, there are still many children, especially girls in rural areas, which do not attend. Progress is being made, though, and the government invests 26% of its annual budget on education. It has also made many efforts to reduce regional differences in education standards, and tackle the problem of illiteracy.

LITERACY (age 15 and over can read and write):

total: 51.7%
male 64.1%, female 39.4%,
rural 24.6%, urban 63.1%

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