Business Travel to Morocco

Most of our clients are coming to Morocco on vacation – looking for a trip of a lifetime! However, there are those who are coming to Morocco on business. Since Morocco is very close to Spain, many European companies have decided to invest in Morocco. Are you looking to travel to Morocco on business?

Business Hotel
Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco, with most of the major companies doing business there. There are a number of great business hotels located in the center of Casablanca, offering business centers, wifi access, and services. Make sure you do your research before grabbing any hotel – stick to the hotels that are reliable and have good reputations.

Business Transportation
While traveling to Casablanca or Morocco, you may need a vehicle and driver. Please contact us for the best quality drivers that Morocco has to offer. Our transport specialists will take care of all of your needs – from airport transfers to full day services.

Business Culture
Morocco has a different business culture than Europe or the USA…so make sure you do your research before starting your business venture in Morocco. It might be good to get a business consultant who can help you understand the business culture, so you start off on the right foot.

This is the time to travel on business to Morocco! Let us help…contact us for more information.