“Wonderful Trip”

Dear Ruth and Aaron,

We’re writing to thank you both for the wonderful trip you arranged for us in Morocco. From our first contact with Experience It!, everything was perfect.

Aaron, you patiently helped modify our itinerary, making excellent suggestions.  Ruth, you ensured everything was in order, even with our last minute schedule/routing change due to the Air France strike.  On short notice, adjustments were made so that we actually gained a half day in Casablanca and managed to fit in a visit to the Hassan II Mosque.

We were met at the airport in Casablanca by our smiling driver, Mohamed Laaziz, and our adventures began.  Mohamed was professional, knowledgeable and an excellent driver.   This we expected.  He was also kind, funny and a welcome addition to our travels.  This was a pleasant surprise.  During our trip, we unfortunately both got ‘travellers sickness’, and doctor Mohamed consulted with a pharmacist and arranged suitable meals for us.

Mohamed is proud of his country, and was enthusiastic to share it with two curious travellers.  We talked about history and culture, but also about family ties and personal experiences.  By the time he left us, all checked in at the Casablanca airport, we considered him our friend.  We look forward to seeing him again, either in Morocco for his wedding, or here in Canada where he has an open invitation.

Trip highlights for us included:

  1.  Chefchaouen, the blue city filled with cats.  Everything about this place is magical.
  2. The 5 daily calls to prayer, especially the first one at 5:30 a.m.  But the most melodious version we heard was the one sung for us by Mohamed.
  3. The Roman ruins at Volobilis.
  4. The fresh fruits and juices available everywhere.
  5. The preparations for Eid al Adha.
  6. The Sahara tented camp and our camel-man, Ahmed.  As the only English-speaking guests, we were guided during the dromedary ride out to the camp by Ahmed.  He joined us for mint tea and shared his desert knowledge and experiences with us. We had the best tagine of the trip and a wonderful night under the stars.  Fresh orange juice and coffee in the morning, after watching the sun rise over the dunes, and then it was up on the dromedaries for the ride back.

Morocco is a fascinating place to visit. With a rich history, evidenced throughout the country (the Roman ruins at Volubilis, the Imperial cities, well-preserved medina walls,  palaces, mosques, and  mausoleums), it is impossible to see it all in a few weeks.  But one does get a sense of the blending of Arab and Berber, old and new, and all that contribute to the unique Moroccan culture.


Gord and Denise



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