“Wonderful Experience in Morocco”

Thank you for a wonderful experience in Morocco. We really enjoyed the length of the trip, as it fit it with our holiday break. The trip you planned was well organized, meet out travel requests, and included a wide variety of experineces in Morocco.

We were pleased with the “go as you please” feel with our driver. Rostom Badarane was excellent at being flexible. He was accomodating to our schedule, wants, and needs. His easy-going attitude made for a very relaxing vacation. He was very respectful, spoke english well and easy-going. This was particularly helpful when our luggage was lost for 8 days. He took us to supermarkets to get what we needed, made multiple phone calls in our behalf, and drove us out of the way to locate our luggage. Rostom had excellent recommendations for restaurants and helped us find the items we wanted to purchase. He was very concerend with our sercurity and safety as women travelers.Rostom was very accomodating!!

Hotel Kenzi Basma in Casablanca- good breakfast, comfortable beds, and good service Hotel Majliss in Rabat- left much to be desired, clean rooms, but stark, the breakfast was all sweets, would not recommend Riad Jaouhari in Fes- fantastic room, clean , large, great breakfast and service, excellent location Riad Jasmine in Marrakech- awesome rooms, good service, nice pool, please ask hotel to recommend places to eat and drinks to customers when asked ****Without Rostom’s expertise we would not have known where to go or good places to eat!!

Guided Tours- Fes- enjoyed walking through the Media and seeing the tanneries. Wish we could have had more time/assistance with shopping. The guide did not help with pricing. Marrakech- Omar was very helpful with pricing of items. He would give us a maximum amount to spend on items. We did not feel pressure to buy. He took us to see things we wanted to see and not where he wanted to go, i.e. his buddies shop. He translated a fortune telling and helped with the snake charmers.

Thank you Jeff for helping to pick-up our luggage, as the Moroccan airport luggage leaves something to be desired. Without your help we may still be without luggage. You should have taken the salsa as we requested. 🙂

Nickayla and I really appreciated the packet of information we received before the trip, to include practical information, consolute contacts, tipping guidelines and itineraris. When we were exploring travel agencies to use, the reason why we selected yours from hundreds is you are based in the US, responded quickly to emails and were accomodating with our traveling needs.


(December of 2009)

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