“Wonderful Experience in Morocco”

We all had a wonderful experience in Morocco. I want to give a special recognition to our driver (Rachid); he was superb. He coordinated all of our activities seamlessly; we couldn’t have asked for a better driver!!

All of our separate guides did a very good job for us. They were very well informed and very helpful to us during each venture of which they were responsible.

Our accommodations ranged from good to outstanding. All of the service people were very polite and accommodating.

One of the things that really amazed us was how everyone involved in our trip handled all of the “background” arrangements so well. It was very transparent to us all.

The only thing that might have been done differently was rather than have us travel from Fes back to the original hotel in Casablanca, perhaps accommodations nearer the airport might have been a better idea. We could have saved a lot of time before we began our journey back home to the U.S.

And finally, we have been VERY pleased with YOUR service, every step of the way! THANK-YOU very much.

Best regards,


(March of 2011)

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