“Whole Experience was EXTRAORDINARY”

We are back from vacation today.  The whole experience was extraordinary. I credit Majid {our driver} for that.  Also the country is beautiful and exotic so that added to the experience.

I had to tell you how wonderful Majid was. WE love him.   He made our trip to Morroco wonderful.  With MAjid, we felt safe at every moment.  He is a gem, and I hope you understand how lucky you are to have him represent you. Because of the delay unbeknownst to us our bags were never put on our flight. We did not have suitcases for three days. Not only did Majid take us to shop for our needs including toiletries. He went to find the only open drugstore during our day tour in Marrakech.  He handled all of our phone calls with the airport lost luggage division and took us to the airport after dinner to retrieve the luggage when they finally arrived. He did so much above and beyond his duty.

As to his duties as a guide and driver, Majid is so knowledgable about his country and what it has to offer. He made sure we missed nothing and that we were able to get everything we wanted to take home with us. WE truly enjoyed our time with him.

We left Morocco and arrived in Spain. WE were so disappointed he wasn’t there to greet us!

As to the accommodations {Le Doge & Riad Kniza} both were lovely.

Thank you.

Carol M

July 2016