What an experience!

To put it briefly, we had a great time. What an experience! A real education in another way of life.

We were very pleased with the whole trip. Yousef was an excellent driver. We could feel that he had gone through the Atlas mountains many times. We were very pleased with the hotels you chose for us and the service of the people at them was very professional.

The trip to the desert was a real experience.

A first for all of us. Hamid, who looked after us the whole way was very pleasant and helpful with a fine sense of humour. And the dinner in the desert was first class. Soon after bedding down for the night, the wind started up and we had exposure to a real sand storm. Sand in everything that wasn’t covered and that was inside the tent! In your notes, you suggested all the items you would need for the desert. A very complete list but as it happened, the scarf which we didn’t have, would have been really helpful.

Yousef did an excellent job of “rolling with punches”. There were many places where the roads were almost impassable because of the recent heavy rains. Despite the problems, Yousef was able to adjust the itinerary such that we still saw everything that had been scheduled.

We were a little concerned when we arrived at the Riad Omar in Marrakesh. Compared with what we had become use to, it seemed a little less. But we soon learned the value of your choice, enjoying the walk out onto the street and into the nearby square and the souk. What an experience that was!

The only suggestion we would make, and we said it to him as well, is the addition of a microphone for the driver and a speaker in the rear seat area. If a person was talking to Yousef, asking about what we were seeing, the person in the back seat could not hear the response. That is the only suggestion we would make. Everything else we felt was right on.

We were very impressed with how the schedule worked out. Really, the only glitch was our late arrival from Seville which made the first day very long. Yousef had already been driving for a long time to come to Marrakesh but once again, he went the extra mile in looking after our needs and getting us to the Kasbah in Tinrirh(?) that evening.

So, in summary, the trip met all our expectations. We look forward to our next trip to Morocco. Yousef convinced us that Fez is the place! Enchalla.

Dave & Carol

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