“Went the Extra Mile!”

Joe M jpgKathleen and I had a wonderful time in Morocco.

We are particularly pleased with El Hassani Mohamed.  Mohamed is a spectacular guide and driver.  He told us what to expect in different places and advised us about hawkers, people who wanted to guide us, and all of the important insights in the tourist areas.  After spending just a few days with him, he became a friend.  Mohamed made sure that we were able to take all of the photos we wanted.  He appreciated that I am a geologist and made some adjustments to the route to show me interesting features and made sure I had opportunities to add to my mineral collection.  The local (city) guides that he selected for us were insightful and friendly.  Most of all, Mohamed listened to us and adjusted our itinerary to satisfy our interests.  He went the extra mile on Kathleen’s birthday when he ordered a cake to be delivered at our dinner.

Kathleen and I have talked about the trip and we agree that every aspect was enjoyable.  I was a little disappointed that there was a paved road through Dades gorge.  But, so be it.

Thank you for organizing our tour.