4 happy travelers taking a picture in Morocco.

“Well planned out vacation!”

It would be difficult to just pick one highlight. We have travelled extensively in our life but I must say this trip is by far the most fascinating and unique.

Every few days you would experience something more diverse than the day before. From the dessert, Atlas Mountains, sea side villages to bustling medians all was so exciting. Morocco is such a beautiful country which hopefully many travelers will consider visiting.

4 happy travelers sitting in a dining area of the riad

Many people ask if it was safe. I can assure you there wasn’t one minute that we felt anything but peace and joy meeting the kind, friendly people of this country.

We loved Riad Myra in Fez .It was exquisite. Riad Kasar El Kabbaba in Skoura was so beautiful . Loved our Hamam here. My first experience. Dar Maya was smaller but very charming. This was in Essaouira .

Now to talk about our driver . Youseff was fantastic. He not only was a driver but a great guide. He is very knowledgeable in the history of his beautiful country and was so willing to share all with us. Very fascinating past for sure. Youseff was very patient and met all of our needs. He is friendly, punctual, respectful and lots of fun.

Brian and staff we would like to thank you for a well planned out vacation which we will encourage friends and family to take. You have a very professional company that you should be proud of.

Marilee G.
(October/November of 2022)