“We would recommend you highly to anyone”

The trip was great! You guys did a great job of putting together “the best of Morocco” on such short notice. We would recommend you highly to anyone.

Hicham was fantastic. Couldn’t ask for a better driver and a really nice man.

Accommodation on the whole was good, ESPECIALLY Fez — the riad (Noujoum Medina) there was a real highlight. Those guys were really trying and the riad was stunning. The meals were double first class. One of the highlights of the trip.
Parador was OK as accommodation, but unbelievably bad for food — both dinner and breakfast were bordering inedible. In fact neither Wendy nor I ate our main course for the evening meal.

Desert trip across the dunes on camelback was another highlight that will stay with us forever. 40 years ago I travelled down the Niger River to Timbuktu — startling to see the other side of the trail, with the same buildings and culture.

Unfortunate about the mixup in Fez over dinner. The general itinerary said “return to hotel for the evening”; the other program said “restaurant”. We read the first one only, hence the mixup. Probably a result of the short notice. Doubly unfortunate because those guys were trying so darn hard.

Anyway, great job, guys!!

David and Wendy April 2010

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