“We would go miles again if you could promise us a trip like this”

We would be happy to discuss any portions of the trip with you and to field questions from potential customers. We have in fact recommended your company to four friends who will be joining you this summer. They booked the trip before we even traveled based on my description of your company. Lorre Howell is also a great asset in the state, she was always there, answering questions, making suggestions, outlining your policy of flexibility – she was great.

It is with utmost pleasure that we share our high recommendations of your excellent employee Muhamed Namir. We expected to have a knowledgeable and pleasant english speaking guide, but instead we found someone who in a short time has become a real friend.

He exemplifies what the term “international relations” should be among all people. Fiercely proud of being Moroccan and a Berber he also allowed to see both sides of life in Morocco. He was an honest critic of things that needed improvement but also one to point out the wonderful beauty of both the land and its people. He was curious about life in America and counts among his friends many Americans that have helped shape his life choices. He is a modern man, a family man and a traditional man who loves his job showing people the real Morocco.

His services on all fronts were way beyond our expectations. We have never had the privilege of a private guide for 10 days before and did not know exactly what to expect, but Namir treated us like royalty! Life is in the details and Namir loves to be sure not only that everything you expect is delivered but with attention to details you are always surprised, whether it is picking roadside poppies for you, or personally choosing only the best meat for your kaftas, or buying a berber hat for John, he thinks of it!
He knew we were interested in the Berbers, so he asked if we wanted to visit a family. We pulled off the road and drove down a rutted track that ended in one of the low camel hair tents, that at a distance just blends into the landscape. With his best Berber accent he asked the small group of women if they would mind visitors. They were enthusiastic and loved to show us, with pride, their tent. A little later, we were invited inside their house. They had a permanent 4 room stone house, whitewashed and immaculate inside and out. The bedding and rugs were folded and stacked in the corner of one room and the main room with only the smallest hole in the ceiling for light was laid with carpets and a few pillows along the walls. A small table was in the center with a jug of water and two glasses. It was one of the most lovely rooms I have seen, simple and utilitarian yet awash with color from the carpets and pillows and that little square of light bathed the walls. We thanked them and left and I told namir, if you had picked me up at the airport drove out to this house, stayed and hour and returned to the airport I would have been a happy woman. He grinned.
After each experience Namir was always there. We felt like a family member had dropped us off on our camel drive ,and sure enough, he was the first person we saw the next day as we wearily slid off the camel. “How was it?”, he said with sincere enthusiasm, even if we were the 100th party he met, we felt that he really cared that we were enjoying ourselves.

His english is excellent and we never tired of hearing recipes, history or geology. His attempts to teach me some slang language of Morocco were so much fun. I was never bored on long rides because I was in the back seat practicing arabic. When we met someone he knew in the souks, he had me say my phrases with a big smile. I felt like Eliza Doolittle. We never felt like tourists we felt like visitors.He has a wonderful family and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have met them in his home. We can absolutely count our experience with your tour company as one of the highlights of our 5 month trip around the world, but more than that we count our friendship with Namir as a once in a lifetime thing.

Our day guides in Marrakech- Noradine and Fes- Hasheem (sorry for phonetic spelling, my notes are packed) were also terrific. So very different in outlook, but a chance to meet two more Moroccans,even if for a short time,they gave us new perspectives and not just the “guide patter”. They were warm and generous in their opinions and history. We learned a lot in a very short time.
Well we may be on a long list of “poster child”, for Experience It Tours, but we really did have a great time and would go miles again if you could promise us a trip like this.

Susan and John

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