“We Were Thoroughly Pleased!”

The Medina of Fes was full of sounds and visual delights. Our guide, Ahmed, set the old city in a historical context, and brought it to life. The riads were oases of quiet repose. We especially enjoyed our stay at Ryad Salama in Fes, where Iolanda Ingrao and her attentive staff made us feel comfortable and at home. The muezzin calling the faithful to prayer in the evenings haunts our memory. All our experiences were meaningful and well-chosen.

Youssef [our driver] was unflappable. He was always on time, got us to our daily and intercity destinations, even in the traffic of Casablanca, and was very friendly, providing colorful information

 Ryad Salama, in Fes had a beautiful, open courtyard, where we had our meal and mint tea every morning. All the riads were comfortable, and provided attentive service. The Hotel Club Valo D’Anfa was right on the ocean! Breakfasts were outstanding at all of our sites.

We were thoroughly pleased with the whole of our accommodations and experiences.

We would recommend Experience It Tours without any hesitation.

Charles C.

(April of 2019)