“We were extremely happy”

Just wanted to drop you a note expressing our satisfaction with everything about our recent trip to Morocco. Everything was exactly to our specifications and we were extremely happy with the planning and execution of the adventure. On a 13-day driving tour of the country, the success or failure of the tour is 100% dependent on the driver/guide, who essentially becomes part of the “family”. My wife and I could not have been happier with Mr. Ahmed Hadji, who was there for our every need and by the end of the trip, was indeed, part of the family. His extra effort was truly appreciated and has our highest recommendation as a “great guy” to spend a couple of weeks with!

As you well know, our 13-day excursion included Rabat, Menkes, Fez, Erfoud, Dades, Marrakech, Essuoaria, and back to Casablanca. If we had it to over again, we probably would have added an extra day and spent overnight in the desert in a tent. Nevertheless, my wife and I both had an exciting experience. We have been travelling for 45-years, mostly on our own, but felt that for this trip, having someone along to navigate the ins and outs of Morocco was well worth deviating from what we usually do. Having Ahmed along to explain the culture of the country, along with the local guides to navigate us through the different souks along the way, made our trip the difference between a simple sightseeing tour and a total immersion experience.
Keep up the good work. Kudos also to everyone in the Fez office who rearranged our reservations when it became necessary to stay in Fez for an additional day.


(October of 2009)

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