“We really enjoyed this FANTASTIC trip’

Thank you very much for organizing the Morocco tour for us. We really enjoyed this fantastic trip. It was almost like stepping back in history when we were walking around the Medina. During the 12 days, we immersed ourselves totally in the Moroccan history and culture. The architecture was most interesting (Medina and riads), the food was absolutely delicious, the people were friendly and the Sahara Desert & the High Atlas Mountain were breadth taking. For me, I was also happy to have an opportunity to learn something about the Islam religion and its teaching. The driver, Khalid, and the local guides were quick to answer all our questions regarding their faith. It is very interesting to see the commonality between our religions.

Initially, we were concerned about our safety in the region due to the recent unstable environment. I am so very glad that you have done a great job to convince us otherwise. During the whole trip, we felt very safe under the care of Khalid and the local guides that we could really relax and enjoy the “taste”, “smell” and “sight” of our surroundings.  

The itinerary you set up for us was very good. It is just the right amount of time to keep us interested in the different aspects of the country. The whole trip was perfectly smooth and well-organized. No surprises.

Our friendly driver, Khalid, made our trip so much more enjoyable. He was an excellent driver (with a new and comfortable van). One does need such a driver in Morocco, particularly when one travels through the High Atlas Mountain road. Our lives depended on him through those narrow, winding mountain roads. He took good care of us and provided us lots of insights regarding their history, culture, religion, and politics.

Our accommodations were good. The riad {Moucherabieh} in Marrakesh was just beautiful, with a big bedroom, clean beddings, lovely sitting room, quiet and peaceful terrace. Above all, they provided free wine (with a dish of olives). I liked it so much that we were thinking of making a side trip someday just to stay at that riad and do some more shopping in Marrakesh.

Anyway, thank you very much for convincing me to take this trip. Also, Ruth was extremely helpful and supportive when I was worried about my EasyJet connection flight to Casa. Your organization provided us an excellent trip and I would highly recommend it to anyone who are planning a trip to Morocco.



Edmonton, Canada.

(November of 2011)